A romantic gift for her this christmas

charm necklaceIs the perfect gift for her this Christmas a myth? Can we really achieve or ever know what the perfect gift is?  I can only think that it is all relative to giver and and receiver really, not to mention a strong correlation to an individual’s hopes, desires and expectations.  In my mind there are gifts and then there are romantic gifts for her as a gift for your wife, girlfriend or partner has an element of romantic expectation as opposed to a gift for a friend, family member or mere acquaintance.

If you want to play it safe then you can’t go wrong with a gift voucher from a popular shopping favorite especially at Christmas time when you can hit the post Christmas sales.  I’ve known friends to return gifts to take advantage of sale prices – pretty unromantic but very practical for some.

I’m a romantic and the suspense, drama and expectation of what a gift could be really appeals to me. How many times have you received gifts that you would never have bought for yourself but which turn out to be really spectacular?   When you have to give a gift four times a year to the same person you simply have to mix it up.  Four times a year may sound like a lot but for romantic gifts for her you have birthday, anniversary, Christmas and valentines day.

Jewellery gifts are always a clear favorite as far as romantic gifts goes.  For this reason your jewellery choices must be more unique, special and unusual to surpass past jewellery gifts.   Jewellery boxes and keepsake boxes are also very appealing Christmas gift ideas.  Some may find a romantic spa break for two or impromptu mini break absolutely priceless.  But remember with romantic gifts it is not always about how much you spend.  What the gift means to her is so much more important as such you simply want to give a gift that would be remembered and treasured for a long time.